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Fundashon Bon Kousa is a registered non-profit foundation at the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce Reg.nr.7732

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Fundashon Bon Kousa is developing Educational School TV on Bonaire. Apart from the development of an unique TV gameshow format and the production of two very succesfull TV shows in 2012 and 2014, we now are working on environmental and safety awarenessTV programs for the children of Bonaire.

2015 From waste to new product
What happens to all the waste we collect on Bonaire?. In a short series of video's aimed to be used in school, we show how new products can be made of what we call waste. We show how waste is collected in the Netherlands, how it is sorted, cleaned, reprocessed and re-used in new marketable products.

2015 Ear protection video
In a short video clips we show how to protect your ears bij using earplugs in the upcoming, jump-up and Carnaval season.

2014 TVshow 1+1=3
During the season 2013/2014 we produced and recorded our 2nd, even more complex TV show in January 2014. The "1+1=3' TV show is about math, counting and money. This is the first bi-langual TV show produced on Bonaire. All (exept 1) local schools and over 225 condidates showed their best potential. The 4 shows were broadcast on Bonaire between March 17th and April 8th 2014. Download the 1+1=3 info book (in Dutch).

Click here to go to the special 1+1=3 TV-show website.

2012 TVshow 1001 Proverbio
tvshowlogo1Bon Kousa recorded their first TV Show in January 2012. Bon Kousa developed a proverb quiz, based on the 1001Proverbio book. Six schools and 150 candidates battled for the title "Best Proverbio School 2012".As there was no TV studio fitting 150 children, Bon Kousa invested in studio material for TV shows. With help from sponsors the first ever TV show recordings on Bonaire took place on 14+15 January 2012. Click here to see the sponsor book.

Click here to see The Making of the 1001 Proverbio TV show

TV studio/Cultural Centre
As in 2015 there is still no TV recording facility on Bonaire, we developed and presented to SGB and FCB a plan to build a cultural centre including a studio. Click here to see an artist impression.

In 2012 we made an earlier artist imprssion for converting an old radiostation into a TV recording studio. Click here.

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