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As an extention to the eye-protection 'FireGoogs' campaign, Fundashon Bon Kousa made a large number of earplugs available for the 2014 & 2015 Bonaire Carnival. This to help prevent damage to the ear because of loud music. In close cooporation with Sentro Hubentut i Famia en Fundashon Bista i Oido, the schools of Bonaire were motivated to use the earplugs during this years Carnivals Childrenand Teen-Parade.

Prevention to load music and noise is essential because damage to the ears is never repaired. Though shortly after the event hearing returns the damage is done and may lead to serious problems at later ages.

Bon Kousa selected both effective, comfortable and colourfull earplugs. The earplugs are available at Sentro Hubentut i Famia en Fundashon Bista i Oido and Addo's Toys at costprice.

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Earplugs/doppi di oido

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Impression of Rincon childrens carnival 2014. Earplug promotion.