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Fundashon Bon Kousa is a registered non-profit foundation at the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce Reg.nr.7732

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Fundashon Bon Kousa initiated on 23 August, 2012 the start of collecting separate waste like glas, plastic, aluminium and paper at schools. Bon Kousa organised a kliko parade in which 48 kliko's colored the streets of Bonaire. See the video here.

All schools of Bonaire received 4 colorfull kliko's to start educating the children about reuse, reduce and recycling.The schools responded very enthousiastic and are eager to start making use of the new kliko's.

Educational video
What becomes of all the waste we collect in Bonaire? Bon Kousa is working on a series of informative video's to explain how waste is recycled into new products. See an example

Education Program
To help the children understand the principle of waste separation Bon Kousa developed in close coorporation with Selibon NV and EcoTech Aruba, a play and fun instruction book for age group 6-7 yrs. The book is in Papiamentu and Dutch

Use THIS LINK to download a preview of this book (3mb) or EMAIL us to receive a full copy.

Waste education contest
Bonaire primary schools were invited to join in a waste education contest: the children were asked to decorate their own waste containers for paper, plastic, drinking cans and glass. Click here to see the wonderfull creative containers of the Waste Education contest by Kristu Bon Wardador school. Click here to see pictures of the reward ceremony of the contest of the Bonaire schools.Click here to see a photo impression send by Aquamarin school of the preparation to this contest.

Waste collection area Bonaire
In March 2013 Bon Kousa helped realize the first waste collection area in Bonaire. Please click here to get an impression of the new site.

Radio Limpi
In October-December 2012 we founded Radio Limpi and in five local radio programs we helped to collect 44879 (!!) empty glass bottled. Click here for more info

Recycling Projects Bonaire