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Fundashon Bon Kousa is a registered non-profit foundation at the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce Reg.nr.7732

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Fundashon Bon Kousa is developing Educational School TV on Bonaire. First project is a proverb quiz where 6 schools and 150 candidates will batlle for the title "Best Proverbio School 2012".

Preparations for this project have started mid 2011, even before the 1001Proverbio book was launched in August 2011. Bon Kousa developed a unique TV format and wrote a detailed curiculum for the schools to prepare the children for this event.

As there is no TV studio fitting 150 children, Bon Kousa invested in studio material for TV shows. With help from sponsors the first ever TV show recordings on Bonaire will take place on 14+15 January 2012.

Click here to see the sponsor book.

Bon Kousa is planning to make several educational TV shows; we have been asked to develop environmental quiz about water treatment and sewage, a debating program with high school students and several nature awareness quizzes.

For further enquiries please mail to:info@bonkousa.org

Bonaire Cultural Centre

Fundashon Bon Kousa introduced August 23, 2012 waste separation at the elementary schools of Bonaire by donating each school 4 different colored waste containers with financial support of the Dutch Ministry of the Environment. In cooperation with Selibon NV and Bon Recycling the collected waste will be processed and reused,
on Bonaire, thus contributing to a cleaner more sustainable island environment.

Video © 2012 by Merel Notten and Claudia Tellegen

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