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Fundashon Bon Kousa is a registered non-profit foundation at the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce Reg.nr.7732

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On request of several environmental stakeholders Fundashon Bon Kousa has developed duringOctober-December 2012 a communication platform called "Radio Limpi", broadcasting live radio shows from the bario's on Bonaire.

The informative show covers important changes regarding the environment on Bonaire; glasrecylcing, the new water treatment plant, the sewage system, alternative energy sources and new eco-products: it all comes down to what we, personally, can contribute to keep Bonaire clean. Limpi means clean.

During this one hour show we are collecting used glass in yellow glascontainers. After a good start in the first week of collecting 1500 bottles, the enthousiasm grew and in the next 4 weeks resp. 8500, 6800, 10519, 17760 bottles were collected.

This program is an initiative of Bon Kousa in coorporation with Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire, Selibon, Ministry of Infrastucture & Envrironment, TCB, WNF, STINAPA and sponsors.

Click here to go to the dedicated Radio Limpi website.

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