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Fundashon Bon Kousa is a registered non-profit foundation at the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce Reg.nr.7732

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Our foundation appreciates your financial support.

Fundashon Bon Kousa helps also to realise projects for other non-profit organisations. Projects that organisations does not have the skills or find the time for. We pull together those specialists needed to get the job done.We specialize in cultural and environmental awareness and conservation projects.

The result is always tangible and will help directly. We focus on realising projects for strategy, positioning and identity. This can lead to practical results like calendars, brochures and websites. We make our lifelong experience in this field available for free.

A practical example: if your organisation needs a brochure, we can create this for you. You will give us a briefing and if you provide the funds for external costs (eg printing), we deliver the fiinal product; i.e. 5000 brochures, at your door.

Activities initiated or supported by Fundashon Bon Kousa need to comply with certain criteria. The most important are:

- The project needs to fit within our objectives
- Maximum time spend on a project is 3 months
- The applicant organisation is accountable for the correct use of he product or tools that Bon Kousa develops
- Funds must be available for 3rd party costs
- We don't fund projects on a financial basis only.

Do you feel your project would fit within our objectives, please use our contact form and send us relevant information about your project

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