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Development SGB Mediacollege
Bon Kousa innitiated the SGB Mediacollege; the first creative-technical study on Bonaire as a direct result of the Proverbio TV-show produced in January 2012.

This 4-year full day program educates young professionals to be productive in the international field of audiovisual media. The program is an official part of the SGB/MBO highschool in Bonaire.

The worldwide growing demand for communication content, whether used for websites, tablets, TV broadcast or theater shapes the profile of the new generation: curious, dedicated and commited to high standards of work ethics.

Bon Kousa started In March 2012:
• we developed the curriculum, based on mandatory requirements from the Dutch ministry of Education,
• searched for specialized teachers, boths free-lance as well as exprienced MBO teachers working in Dutch schools,
• realized sponsorship to make it possible for those selected to come to Bonaire,
• introduced the new study on May 10th 2012 to potential students and parents,
• developed a startup brochure for the year 2012-2013 and website to inform the students. Download here
• we took care of the international purchasing and shipping for all the necessary tech-equipment for the students to start their training in August.

On August 12, six months later, the new SGB Mediacollege started with 20 eager young students training in Media Production.
The SGB Mediacollege is now (2015) in its 3rd year.

For info about new courses please contact SGB Media directly.

SGB Mediacollege

Fundashon Bon Kousa moved house:

Per July 1st 2017 Fundashon Bon Kousa will end its activities on Bonaire. Jacqueline & Bart continue their non-profit projects from the Netherlands. Please visit us at 023DOEN.NL (Dutch only). In case of any questions please contact us: info@bonkousa.org