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The founding cultural awareness project of Fundashon Bon Kousa in 2011 was publishing a full colour, 168 page hard cover illustratied book containing over 1000 Papiamentu proverbs. Read more...

Mangazina di Rei
Cultural Park and Learning centre is located in Rincon Bonaire. The museum preserves the valuable past and creates awareness for Cultural Heritage. We helped them with a fresh start and re-orientation on their goals. Their old logo was redesigned into a more contemporary and practical design, and from there we developed a new visual identity. Designs were made for the lay-out of museum and grounds, promotional material developed and we are sparring partner for their new ideas and future plans.

Cultural Worksheets
In cooperation with Mangazina di Rei and Youthcentre Jong Bonaire we developed cultural worksheets that can be used on schools to learn about old or disappearing crafts. These worksheets were sponsored by the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund from the Nether

Culture Awareness Projects